​​​​In-Sync and Social, LLC

Occupational Therapy and Social Skills Groups

Occupational Therapists specialize in helping clients achieve purposeful living through maximizing independence in human occupations. Being social is an important human occupation and is just as vital to our lives as work, play and activities of daily living. 



​​​We use a combined sensory and behavioral approach to achieve functional outcomes. It is our aim to utilize current evidence-based practices, expert therapists and individualized goals in the treatment of our clients. Curriculum instruction based in Social Thinking (Michelle Garcia Winner) and related curriculums are carefully intertwined with development of self-regulation and coping strategies needed for social success. Cooperative play and group projects also offer the opportunity for acquisition of skills.  

In-Sync and Social, based on the widely recognized COLLAGE Program, is an Occupational Therapy based social skills program. Children and adults with behavioral health diagnoses often exhibit sensory systems that are imbalanced or not 'in-sync'. We provide both individual and group therapy to address sensory and socialization deficits. Some treatment combines addressing both together, while other treatment focuses on these areas separately. We provide social skills groups in Media, PA. Individual Occupational Therapy for sensory processing or fine motor needs, and educational consulting is also available.